Hello! My name is Sophie and I am mama to my amazing little bug, Henry. He’s just turned 5 and he is an absolute ray of sunshine. Henry was born just shy of a year after his beautiful sister Hope was stillborn and he has very much helped me heal and see the good in life again.

My partner works all over the world for his job so he’s often away for weeks and weeks at a time so I’m often a lone wolf navigating through everything. We have a lovely English Bull Terrier called Dolly and she’s the total opposite of the stereotypical devil dog she’s supposed to be! Her and Henry are the best of pals and are often inseperable!

I’ve created this blog as somewhere to just let out all the things that go round and round in my head so expect all things motherhood, babyloss, nursing and general moaning about life. Hopefully this is a place to find support and meet new people that have been or are going through similar situations.